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How to request a refund for a product purchased through WarriorPlus.

    refund for a product purchased through WarriorPlus

    Refunds are an unfortunate part of product creation and selling. Ideally a product creator does not want refunds, because he or she worked incredibly hard on their product. A refund, while it’s something that happens, is not a great experience for buyer or seller. This is how you should request a refund for a product purchased through WarriorPlus, it does not involve a chargeback or dispute via Paypal, it’s much easier and simpler than that.

    For some buyers, a purchased product didn’t tick all the boxes, and they decide they want their money back. It happens, and can easily be resolved without raising a PayPal dispute or chargeback.

    I honour each and every refund with a no questions asked policy. Of course, if I can find out what disappointed my customer, it would be helpful in understanding what I can do better next time.

    If you find yourself wanting a refund for a purchase through WarriorPlus, then please take note of the steps below.

    Filing a chargeback or dispute via Paypal should be your last resort, not the first!

    Below this article I’ve linked Warrior Plus resources that you should read to understand their terms.

    Please note, as per the article below, ‘How are Paypal disputes handled’, a dispute should be the last resort, disputes filed improperly could lead to your WarriorPlus account being banned.

    So, what should you do if you want a refund?

    Follow the steps below and you’ll surely get it resolved.

    1. Always go to the original vendor. Contact them for a refund and they’ll get it sorted for you. You can contact the vendor via the ‘support email’ on your purchase page or via the email from Warrior Plus. Remember, a vendor wants happy customers more than a single sale, so keep that in mind.

    If you’d like to learn how to access your purchase history, you can do so here:

    Below is a screenshot of where you can find the ‘Support Email’ of the vendor. Be sure to include the product you bought, the date and your paypal email address, so that they can find the transaction and get the refund to you.

    WarriorPlus support email access

    Please give the vendor 24 to 48 hours to respond.

    1. If this does not work or the vendor fails to respond to you, then you can open a support ticket with Warrior Plus and they’ll get the issue resolved for you.

    By following these steps, everyone wins. You get your refund and keep your WarriorPlus account in good standing. The vendor gets an opportunity to quickly and easily issue the refund, and no further action is needed.

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