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How to run a Solo Ad to a PLR Product

    how to send solo ad traffic to a plr product

    If you’re wondering how to start sending traffic to your newly acquired PLR product, then  you’re at the right place. In this article we’ll look at the steps needed to run a solo ad to a PLR product.

    We look at how to set everything up, where to go for the solo ad, the swipe or email, and then tracking the conversions. We might look into testing and tweaking, and a bit on A/B testing.

    How to run a Solo Ad to a PLR Product

    What you need to get started:

    In most of the high quality PLR products, you should have as a minimum an eBook, guide or report with which to build your list.

    You should also have an example of a squeeze page, if not, it’s ok, we’ll look at how to build your own squeeze page quickly and easily.

    You’ll need to write a little email swipe as it’s called. It’s basically an introduction to your offer, which will be used by the solo ad vendor to send to their email list.

    Let’s get a PLR Product

    In this article, I’ll be referencing one of our PLR products: YouTube Marketing PLR as an example. In this bundle you get a high quality guide on creating a passive income with YouTube.

    This is a good example because there is so many courses around YouTube marketing, so this is a hot niche and we’ll surely get good conversion rates.

    Now  you have to decide if you want to change the ebook in any way, or change the graphics. You can easily do so, but not a requirement. With PLR products, everything has basically been done for you.

    Now to deliver the eBook to Your Subscribers

    upload plr to dropboxThere are many ways in which you can do this. First you’ll need to zip the ebook, to compress the file, then you can either upload it to your website, but it can easily be accessed by anyone looking for it.

    I’d suggest protecting your download, and this is how I’d do it.

    Dropbox, which is free, allows you to store files online. Once you’ve created an account, upload your file to the Public folder.

    Then click on the Share link and shorten the link. This is what you’ll use for your download button or download link.

    Let’s Create a Squeeze Page and Thank You Page

    Now that we have our ebook uploaded and available, we’ll need to create a squeeze page (or landing page), and a thank you page. This is how it will work.

    We’ll send traffic (the solo ad) to our squeeze page, subscribers will opt in with their email address which we’ll capture, and then they’ll be directed to our Thank You Page or Download Page.

    Building a Squeeze Page (if you don’t have one)

    If you don’t get a Squeeze Page with your PLR product, or if you want to build your own, then follow along here, otherwise, you can skip this section and go to the section where we look at uploading an pre-built squeeze page.

    Log in to your Website or WordPress admin area. To build a squeeze page, you’ll need a plugin. You can use free squeeze page plugins, but I use (and recommend) Thrive Content Builder, or Divi Builder.

    Both of these page builders are just amazing, but I find I use Thrive more.

    With your chosen plugin installed, let’s build a Squeeze page.

    Under the ‘Pages’ menu, click on ‘Add New’. With the Plugin, you’ll have the tools required to build your Page.

    A Squeeze Page example included in our PLR

    Below is a simple example of one you get with our YouTube Marketing PLR package.

    landing page example

    The idea behind building your squeeze page is to make as big of an impact that you can without giving away too much or distracting too much. Sometimes, less is more, and with Squeeze Pages, that’s definitely the case.

    Of course, you can add a background, and change the styles somewhat, but the idea is always the same.

    You’ll have a Headline, a sub headline, a benefit or 3 benefits (what they’ll get or what they’ll learn), and then a button or opt-in box where they can enter their email address to receive what’s been promised.

    Below is another example of a free PLR giveaway I created, just to give you an idea of what you could create.

    free plr giveaway squeeze page

    At this point you will need to add your autoresponder code to the opt in box. This is so that you can collect your email addresses.

    You don’t want to send traffic without collecting email addresses, so check out this article if you need to learn how to add autoresponder code to a squeeze page.


    Let’s build a Thank You Page or Download Page

    As mentioned above, once your subscriber has entered their email address, you need to deliver what’s been promised for the email address. We’ll do that via a Thank You Page, which can be your Download Page.

    All you need to add here is a simple ‘Thank You, here is your Download’, with a download button. Link the download button with the DropBox link you got earlier, and you’re ready to send traffic.

    Tip: Always test your setup before sending traffic. You don’t want to waste time by finding an error once traffic has started coming in.

    So, sign up to your squeeze page, check that your email address has been collected in your autoresponder, (Aweber for example), and then check that you are redirected to the Thank you page, and make sure the download works.

    Once you’re happy with the set up, you can start sending traffic.

    Before we head on over to the Traffic (Solo Ad) part, let’s quickly discuss how easy it is to upload a pre-made squeeze page that you’ll typically get with good quality PLR products.


    How to Upload a Pre-Made Squeeze Page to WordPress

    With your PLR product download, find the Squeeze page, and update the autoresponder code. Read our article on updating a squeeze page with your autoresponder code if you need to, we linked to it above.

    You need to update the Thank You page with the Download link too. Once you’ve made the updates, the pages are ready to upload.

    You can upload your squeeze page and thank you page in a number of ways, one is to use a FTP client like FileZilla to connect directly to your website folders.

    The other is to use your Website Host (like HostGator or GoDaddy), and navigate to the file manager via Cpanel.

    upload squeeze page via cpanel

    All you need to do here is to create a new folder, call it something that’s relevant to your PLR product you’re giving away. In our example we may create a folder called ‘YouTubePassive’ or ‘YouTube-Passive-Income’. Then upload the zip file containing the files, and unzip them in this folder.

    You’ll need to upload the html files, the image folder and files, and the css files is present.

    Rename your Squeeze Page to index.html

    If you look at the image on the right, you’ll notice an index.html file. Check your files, and if your squeeze page is called something different, rename the squeeze page to index.html.

    You’ll need to do this, so that when you type in your website/folder, it will load up the index.html file by default, so you don’t even need to type that in.

    Here is an example of the folder we may have created: www.yourwebsite/YouTube-Passive-Income. When you hit enter, you’ll get the squeeze page load up, and you’re ready for traffic.

    Please test here too, make sure everything works as expected before sending traffic.


    Sending Traffic via a Solo Ad

    Now that everything is correctly set up, simply send traffic.

    First, you’ll need to create a free account with Once you’re setup, click on ‘Solo Deals’, and search for a solo ad vendor that suites you.

    Look for vendors with a number of orders, a good number of thumbs up, and not many thumbs down. You can always read why they got the thumbs down if you like the vendor, it’s not the end of the world.

    Make sure the vendor has a list in your niche and place an order.

    Start Small with Solo Ads

    udimi solo adsDepending on your requirements, you might want to start with a small order first, to get your toes wet before jumping in with a large order.

    Start with 50 clicks and see how it goes.

    There are other options you can consider, but you can do so at your own leisure as you get more experienced.

    Options may include only T1 (Tier 1 Countries), no proxy, no mobile (so only desktop or laptops), and if you’d prefer the vendor to create a swipe for you.

    Complete the order, and wait for your traffic to start!

    While you wait, I’d highly suggest you set up a tracking file to keep track of elements like: number of clicks bought and received, the solo ad vendor, number of opt-ins, cost etc. This way you can keep a close eye on the best traffic sources, and how well your squeeze page is performing.


    Testing, Tweaking your Squeeze Page for Maximum Conversion Rates

    As you send traffic, you may be delighted with the number of opt-ins or conversion rate, or you might be a little disappointed. I’d say you can expect a conversion rate of 20 – 40%, with 30% being a good opt rate. Just to clarify what I mean when I refer to conversion or opt-in rates.

    It’s the number of subscribers (or opt-ins) divided by the number of clicks you received as a percentage.

    Tip: To properly test the conversion rate of your squeeze page, I’d suggest sending at least 500 clicks before making any changes.

    Squeeze Page A/B Testing

    If you want to start tweaking things like headlines and colours to maximise your conversion rates, you might want to look at A/B testing software. They come at a cost, so not ideal for the beginner.

    If you are just starting out however, I’d suggest you create new pages, and send new solo ad orders to each page.

    With each page, you can change the heading, change the background and change the button colour. The variations are endless, and the topic of A/B testing gets very technical. Suffice to say for now, take it slow, learn as you go and enjoy seeing the results or what you built with your PLR product.


    Final Thoughts:

    I hope you enjoyed this article, and perhaps even learned a thing or two. The aim of this article is to teach you how to set up and run a solo ad to a plr product or squeeze page, and I hope I did just that.

    If I’ve missed something, I’ll be sure to include it and update the article as needed, but for now, the important thing is for you to take action and just start.

    Build your Page, or upload the pre-build page, get the ebook ready, and send traffic. It’s as simple as that!

    If you’ve come this far, and you still don’t have a PLR product, why not check out our latest PLR packages, I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll love.


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