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Social Media and How Youtubers make money

By rockyman

August 2, 2016

Social Media, youtube

Social media and all that “Jazz-ets”. Social Media has become such a big part of us and our daily lives that it could be considered an extra limb but what is social media and how do we access the not-so-secret-anymore realm of Twitter tribes, Facebook frenzies and Whatsapp worlds? And what’s this about how Youtubers make money, is this even a thing? Read on to find out.

What is Social Media all About?

Social media is defined as “websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking”, now that doesn’t say much so let’s dial it down a notch.

Social media is simply online sites that allow you to interact with people from around the world, share photos, opinions and stories without having to worry about country boarders and passport stamps.

There are many sites and here are simply a few examples: Instagram, a site where you are able to share photos and videos about your hobbies and interests or even advertise your photography skills, Twitter is for the more upbeat and fast-track person who likes to catch the news as it is happening.

You’ll be able to see what topics are trending right across the world and catch them as soon as they are happening.facebook


Who’s not on Facebook?

I’m sure you don’t need an introduction to Facebook, I’m sure the entire planet has an account.

If not, however, Facebook is for the more run of the mill social lover. You’re able to scroll through an endless newsfeed of photos, status updates, news and advertisements.


What is this Tube of Youing?

youtubeYouTube might have popped up in a few conversations you’ve had in the past but what is this ”Tube of Youing”?

It is simple actually, when you need an online tutorial for some gardening ideas or how to make a dress out of an old T-shirt you just head straight down to YouTube and you will find an endless amount of people showing how life could be made easier.

YouTube is one of the most efficient sites online, you really have no limits when it comes to this site. Music, movies, interviews and series are just a few of the things you will be able to find on YouTube.

You’ll be able to catch-up on the latest news and shows just through the click of a button but that is most certainly not all it has to offer.


How Youtubers make money

Now get this, when you become an active member of the YouTube society and actually start uploading videos of your own, you could earn money.

Yes, my fellow internet enthusiasts you can earn money by uploading videos onto YouTube.

A few of you may ask “How do we do it? There must be a catch.”

The money you earn depends on a few factors such as the amount of people who watch your videos, the type of videos you upload as well as how many subscribers you have on your YouTube channel.

The average amount of money a YouTuber (this is what we will call you when you start posting your own videos) makes on his or her site depends on these variable factors.

Some YouTubers do a review type of channel on books or music that just got released; others advertise products from some international brands and earn an extra income from these companies as well.

Some of the most successful YouTube channels are of those who make parody videos on well-known films and music (parodies are videos that joke about these movies and/or music).

YouTube – Your Guide To Passive incomeAnd we’ll let you in on a little secret – because we are so excited about people joining the YouTube crew we have decided to tell you about this wonderful new product that makes the process of starting your own YouTube channel as easy as well starting you own YouTube channel.

Here is the link to our secret but shh! tell everyone. Youtube Your Guide to Passive Income


All these apps are at your disposal and be rest assured that they will definitely suit your preferences and needs as well as earn you a pretty penny at the end of the day.


Is Social Media All That?

Social media must be one of the best things since sliced bread but be warned it does have its downsides.

Even though you are able to share whatever whenever you want there are a few things that could cause you harm. Let’s make a list shall we?

Being the very chatty and over-sharing beings that we are it is necessary to know that sharing our addresses on social media is not such a very good idea since cyber stalking is now a real concern.

Sharing images of yourself that involve little to no clothing at all is a risk that you really shouldn’t take even though it did seem like a good idea at the time.

Your privacy when it comes to social media depends on how much you are willing to share (so please do change your privacy settings according to your preferences).

Spending so many hours in the day on our social media sites tend to have its ups and downs.

You will most definitely make some new friends and meet people who share the same interests as you, have a laugh about a funny meme you saw or even share real life troubles with your new online friends but alas how our real life relationships suffer under the very tiresome “post and send” culture we have become accustomed to.

We have our eyes glued to our cellphone screens that we forget about the people we have around us.


Remember the Real Flowers

I know Facebook reminds you of your Mum’s birthday but please don’t forget to actually send her a bouquet of flowers – a flower emoji on her Facebook wall just won’t suffice.

At the end of the day, we’re all real people, not just posts, likes and emoji’s in an online world.

Sure, it’s part of our daily lives, there is no doubt about that, but real human interaction should still be treasured above all.


Final Words:

So enjoy all the freedom that social media has to offer, post photos, make funny videos and spread your metaphorical freedom wings but never forget that no tweet or Facebook post can replace the company that a real friend has to offer.


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