CPA List Building PLR Bundle Summary - PLR Rock Star
CPA PLR Marketing Bundle


What's included in this Bundle:​

  • 12 High Quality CPA Articles.
  • The content produced is 100% original, focused on CPA marketing.
  • All articles are 600+ words in length.
  • Lead Magnet - 28 page professionally written ebook
  • Over 6000+ words (28 pages) of how to get started with CPA marketing, including CPA Networks, choosing the best offer, and sending traffic to your offers.
  • The ebook is 100% original, written by a professional writer.

Smart ways to use this Bundle:​

  • Post the 12 high-quality CPA articles to your Blog, simply choose a new set of keywords for each article (ensure you rewrite each article to the best of your ability)
  • Take a paragraph or two of each article and paste into your autoresponder as an email, giving you 12 follow-up emails promoting each blog post.
  • You know CPA sells like CRAZY, so find hot CPA products to promote, and use the lead magnet CPA: Your Golden Key to build your list.
  • Now, send traffic. Solo ad traffic should convert extremely well, but any traffic you choose will suffice.
  • If you want to go the next level, then use the article text to make YouTube videos (each with a new set of keywords). Link these videos to your squeeze page.

Why Grab This PLR Product Today?

Why, that's easy! It's a completely done-for-you product ready to use as you see fit!​

Regardless of what you plan to do with this bundle, you'll still get a ton of value from what's shared in the content!​