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How to request a refund for a product purchased through WarriorPlus.

    refund for a product purchased through WarriorPlus

    Refunds are an unfortunate part of product creation and selling. Ideally a product creator does not want refunds, because he or she worked incredibly hard on their product. A refund, while it’s something that happens, is not a great experience for buyer or seller. This is how you should request a refund for a product […]

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    How to access your purchase on Warrior Plus

      access your purchase on Warrior Plus

      If you’re wondering how to access your purchase on Warrior Plus, look no further, we’ve got you covered. It’s really quite easy, so follow the simple steps below and get hold of your shiny new purchase. Follow these easy steps to access your purchase:   First you’ll need to head over to Warrior Plus and […]

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      Social Media and How Youtubers make money

        How Youtubers make money

        Social media and all that “Jazz-ets”. Social Media has become such a big part of us and our daily lives that it could be considered an extra limb but what is social media and how do we access the not-so-secret-anymore realm of Twitter tribes, Facebook frenzies and Whatsapp worlds? And what’s this about how Youtubers […]

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        How to run a Solo Ad to a PLR Product

          how to send solo ad traffic to a plr product

          If you’re wondering how to start sending traffic to your newly acquired PLR product, then  you’re at the right place. In this article we’ll look at the steps needed to run a solo ad to a PLR product. We look at how to set everything up, where to go for the solo ad, the swipe […]

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          How to Speed up your Website by reducing Image Size

            plr rock star image size reduced

            Creating a visually pleasing website is key to keeping your visitor’s attention, if you have a website of your own, then you already know this. Pictures is your best tool to create the experience you want for your visitor, but as with anything on the web, a visitors internet speed will have a huge effect […]

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